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  • Putin opens 12-mile bridge between Crimea and Russian mainland, drives a truck

    On Tuesday Putin drove an orange Kamaz truck across the bridge as he opened the road to car traffic. “In different historical epochs, even under the tsar priests, people dreamed of building this bridge,” Putin told workers at the ceremony. – More

  • Souvenir Puzzle with Crimea that Can’t be Detached or Moved Around

    Visitors of the Zaryadye Park in Moscow can buy this souvenir – the jigsaw puzzle made of wooden elements with Russia’s regions, which together make up the country map. All regions of the Russian Federation can be moved around with one exception: Crimea can not be moved or detached from its place. via Facebook/Ivan Kolpakov More

  • Meme: Medvedev Says “We have no money, but you hang in there”

    In Russia, political segments on TV and politicians meetings with an average folks are scripted and staged by the Kremlin. But sometimes a little drop of truth leaks through. On May 23rd, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev got a reality check, during a visit to Crimea. A video that went viral on social media shows Medvedev […] More

  • Blackout: Mobile TV in Crimea to show “news”

    The power blackout orchestrated by anti-Russian saboteurs brought a week of struggling to Crimea residents. Crimea was plunged into a complete blackout after electricity transmission lines from Ukraine were blown up, in a stark reminder of the peninsula’s economic reliance on Ukraine one-and-a-half years after its annexation by Russia. More

  • Sun Temple – Crimea’s Sacred Place

    Few centuries ago the Monastery of St. Elias stood on a cliff right above the Bay of Balaclava in the Crimea. It was built by the Greeks in the XII century. Later, the cliff was named after the monastery – Ilyas-Kai. The temple is long gone and destroyed. However, the location remains to be sacred […] More

  • “Bring Us Stalin Back”

    Apparently, many Russian citizens are still nostalgic for the Stalin era. Recently, social network users were outraged by the video of an honored artist of Crimea, Sergey Kurochkin, who has always been a supporter of Crimea annexation. He performed his new patriotic song “Bring us Stalin Back” («Верните Сталина»). The song has “highly relevant” lyrics, […] More

  • Twitter Message of the Day: Swastika Torch Parade in Crimea

    TV channel “Russia 2” live broadcasted a swastika torch parade during the biker show, which was held in Sevastopol, Crimea. Moreover, the colorful frame was posted on the official Twitter account of the news channel Vesti 24. Грандиозное байк-шоу в Крыму! Прямая трансляция по ссылке: — Вести.ru (@vesti_news) August 8, 2014 More

  • Natalia Poklonskaya meme

    Natalia Poklonskaya is a 33-year-old former Ukrainian official who gained international fame online following her appointment as the chief prosecutor of the newly-created Autonomous Republic of Crimea in March 2014. More

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