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  • Saint Petersburg Preschoolers playing with weapons

    It’s not a secret that Soviet secondary education included military classes where school children used to learn how to handle weapons. A few month ago, RT reported that some Russian lawmakers proposed to reinstate military training in schools citing the positive example of the Soviet Union and claiming that the move would effectively counter draft […] More

  • Apartment building with lights forming ‘Russia’

    It took few days Novosibirsk activists to organize an event commemorating Defender of the Fatherland Day. They got an agreement of certain apartment tenants to switch lights on/off in order to form the word “Russia”. According to organizers: “As the form of patriotism, the idea was to show city residents, that our country is our […] More

  • Patriotism as Addiction Treatment at the Omsk Correctional Institution

    On February 19th, 20015, inmates of Omsk Correctional Institution for drug addicts and alcoholics spent their day making patriotic snow sculptures. As was requested by the facility administration, inmates had to take part in mandatory snow sculpture contest marking the Defender of the Fatherland Day, a holiday celebrated on February 23. First place went to […] More