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  • Barbie and Ken in Soviet Russia

    Photographer Lara Vychuzhanina from Yekaterinburg recreated scenes from Soviet life, using the Barbie and Ken dolls as the main characters. More

  • Russian Artist Creates Funny Dolls

    Moscow based artist Nataliya Grant creates dolls, that can make anyone smile. The effort she puts in each doll and attention to details is really astonishing. “I always liked dolls. First, I played with them. Then, I started sewing clothes for them. Later, I was making furniture and doll houses. With the birth of daughters, […] More

  • Russian Artist Creates Dolls That Look Disturbingly Real

    Russian artist Michael Zajkov’s skills are so precise, that the dolls he creates look disturbingly lifelike. The dolls are made of polymer clay, hand painted glass eyes, and mohair hair. Dressed in a Victorian era style, they have multiple movable joints. But the most frightening part is their faces. The artist works on every detail […] More