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  • A Muslim takes dip in icy lake to mark Orthodox Epiphany

    On January 19th, Orthodox Christians celebrate Epiphany. The day commemorates the baptisms of Jesus in Jordan river. Correspondingly, on this day people dive into a water as an act of spiritual cleansing. Like others, this, presumably, not a Christian guy, decided to cleanse his soul in the icy water on Epiphany. More

  • Epiphany Bathing and The Pillar of Death

    19th of January is the Epiphany day celebrated by Russian Orthodox Church. Usually, Russians celebrating it by plunging into the ice-cold water: resembling baptism of Christ in Jordan river. However, a sub-culture of amateur explorers “Diggers” (explorers of maze of tunnels underneath Moscow) have their own way to mark the holiday. Traditionally, they gather next […] More