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  • A husband filled his wife’s car with concrete

    In St. Petersburg, a man filled his wife’s car with concrete. Allegedly, she decided to change her last name to participate in a local store’s campaign. The chain of supermarkets “Verny” (Faithful in English) started the campaign “Be Faithful” and offered participants to change their last name to Verny or Vernaya. Everyone is to receive […] More

  • United Russia Party Introduces ‘Straight Flag’ To Counter LGBT Flag

    On July 8th, in response to the legalization of gay marriage in the United States, the “United Russia” political party introduced it’s own “Straight Flag” design. The flag illustrates a man, a woman and three children, holding hands. Later, it turned out, that the flag design was “borrowed” from “La Manif Pour Tous”, the French […] More