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  • Ermak: New Russian smartphone that doesn’t let you install foreign-made apps

    Russian State tv aired a news segment about the new Russian smartphone. “We can see and control all user activities and even turn off their Internet. The most interesting part is, that the Ermak smartphone won’t support any popular foreign services. All needed software will be preinstalled and all data will be transferred via secure […] More

  • The Online Community That Makes Fun of the USSR

    VKontakte, the largest social networking service in Russia, is Holy Grail of obscure and offbeat communities. One of them is Atypical USSR (unssr), which is actually a collection of vintage Soviet photographs with humorous and absurd captions. Visit their, Twitter, Instagram, More

  • Melancholic Side of Russia

    Russian community “Toska” (Melancholy) at collects sad images of Russia. As the description reads “Melancholy is a social phenomenon which is, in fact, physically tangible in nature. The look and feel of the surroundings gets into your soul…” Some of the images chosen by the D3 community perfectly fit into the mood of freezing […] More

  • 4 Weird Communities on VKontakte

    VKontakte, the largest social networking service in Russia, has many communities with narrow specific topics. How are they different from any other entertainment resources? Usually they do not use existing memes and don’t repost stuff from others (with rare exceptions). Also, they are specific niche oriented. Their audience is usually quite small, but because of […] More