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  • Ridiculous fiction books that make Russians dumber

    While exploring Russia’s book stores and markets, you might stumble upon a bunch of curiously titled and designed covers. These books are written by Russian fiction writers and provide a glimpse into their minds. But, the books are in high demand in equally twisted minded folks in Russia. Apparently, there is a Vkontakte community “Stupid […] More

  • Greatest Russian Authors Reimagined by Alex Frey

    Kaluga based artist Alex Frey published a series of illustrations portraying Russian classical authors dressed in modern fashion clothing brands. His work was timed with the year of literature in Russia. According to Frey, the main idea of his project is promotion of Russian literature among the modern society. “I want to promote interest in […] More

  • The Master and Margarita: Photo Illustrations by Elena Martynyuk

    Photographer Elena Martynyuk has made an impressive series of photographs about The Master and Margarita in collaboration with the Bulgakov House in Moscow. The photos have been made at the locations described in the novel, like the roof of the Pashkov House and, of course, at the Bulgakov House on Sadovaya 302-bis. The scenes of […] More