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  • Russia’s Arctic Brigade training on reindeer sleds in the Far North

    The Russian Defense Ministry published a few photos taken during the training of a recently-formed Arctic Brigade. The pictures show the military personnel of a reconnaissance company of the Arctic separate motorized rifle brigade mastering the tricky way of reindeer and dog sledding in the Far North. According to the Defense Ministry, the air temperature […] More

  • Cute Siberian Huskies To Protect the Russian Region of the Arctic

    As a part of a stronger military presence in the Arctic agenda, Russian army turned to the help of Siberian huskies. According to Eastern Military District‘s press release, “cadets are now being taught to breed and use sled dogs as part of training for military forces operating above the Arctic Circle. The academy is using […] More

  • Edging the Snow: Bizarre Punishment in Russian Army

    In order to eradicate bad behavior, Russian troops are forced to do unusual things. To discipline the troops, Russian military commanders constantly come up with the bizarre ideas of punishment. One of them is edging the snow to make it perfectly squared. By the end of the day, soldiers feel completely exhausted, therefore, they are […] More