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  • Monument to a lost wallet

    Yaroslavl businessman and historian Jan Levin installed the monument to a lost wallet. Located on Sobinov Street, the monument attracts unknowing passers-by who are trying to pick it up, only to find out that the wallet is, in fact, the art installation held securely by a metal rod. More

  • Monument to an anchovy: sign of appreciation

    On 4th of October 2017, a monument to an anchovy was opened in Novorossiysk. During the WW2, fishing saved the city residents from starvation. According to the local media, this is the only monument to an anchovy in the world. However, just in a couple of weeks, residents of Novorossiysk began gradually stealing pieces of […] More

  • Monument to an Alien

    In 2011, Russia’s first ever monument to an extraterrestrial has been set up in the Perm Territory. The figure of the alien guest is made of pine and encountering each who ventures on a journey to the mysterious anomalous zone. It marks the site of the most frequent UFO sightings in Russia. The wooden statue, […] More