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  • “Russia in my heart”

    More than 60 thousand people came to the “Russia in my heart!” rally-concert. It took place in multiple cities of Russia; including Moscow. The main goal of the rally was to support Russian athletes at the Olympics. More

  • Drifting at Sheremetyevo airport

    On November 28th, Maxim Ivanov published video of Sheremetyevo International Airport. In the video, an employee was drifting his loader near the Aeroflot plane. “That’s how the employees of Sheremetyevo airport are happy with the first snow. At least, the plane was not damaged,” Ivanov commented on the video. via Facebook More

  • Historical places of Great October Revolution: Then And Now

    The revolution of 1917 changed the course not only of Russian, but also the world history. The past hundred years have brought collapse, rebirth and the new collapse of the Russian empire. But, as these photos prove, Moscow and St. Petersburg pretty much remain the same. More

  • City above the clouds: Winter Moscow captured from the Ostankino Tower

    Photographer Dmitry Chistoprudov took pictures of Moscow, when clouds sunk very low. According to him, this kind of weather condition occurs just a few times in a year. It happens, when, after the severe frosts, warm cyclone comes along and gradually replaces the icy air. This is a moment of a magical beauty, that is […] More

  • Christmas tree at Moscow’s Gorky Park

    This is the time of the year, when cities all over the world are lit up and decorated. Moscow is not an exception. This year Moscow Gorky Park administration thought out of the box, and went for a horizontal Christmas tree. The tree is placed parallel to the ground, in the colonnade of the main […] More

  • Work Ethic: Moscow City Workers Watering Roads In The Rain

    Instagram user Katerina Ogneva has published a video, captured in Moscow on the Old Arbat street. It shows a tractor watering the street during the pouring rain. The Moscow city department of housing and communal services, issued a statement saying, that watering has to be done in any weather. One of their tasks is to […] More

  • Russians wait hours in frigid weather to see art exhibit

    The Tretyakov Gallery diplayed over 250 works of a Russian artist, Valentin Serov (1865-1911). The exhibition was dedicated to the 150th anniversary of artists birth. The exhibit was one of the most anticipated art projects in Moscow this year. Museums first video advertisement boosted the excitement. In the clip, one of Serov’s most famous portraits […] More

  • Moscow’s Sidewalk Kiosks

    “Since the end of Soviet era, the pervasive sight of kiosks selling everything under-the-sun has becomes a feature of the Russian landscape. In any city of Russia you will find rows of kiosks, often purveying strange mixes of products. Some may carry mostly liquor, others cigarettes and magazines, still others will have some items of […] More

  • Museum of Soviet Arcade Machines

    The museum of Soviet Arcade Machines has branches in Saint-Petersburg and Moscow. The museum offers a unique exhibition of more than 30 mid-1980s arcade machines, including: “Battleship”, “Safari”, “Dogfight”, “Highway”, “Sniper”, and ”Turnip”. Most of the arcade cabinets still work while some are getting restored. Visitors are welcomed to test their Soviet gaming skills and […] More

  • Moscow Subway Fashion

    Recently, we posted about the Saint Petersburg subway fashion. This time we going to take a peek inside Moscow Metro. With average daily ridership of 6.73 million passengers, Moscow subway has its own choice of eccentrics. There is a community on VKontakte and Instagram that collects photos of unusually dressed Moscow subway commuters. Here are […] More

  • Candid Camera in Moscow, 1961

    Since it began as a radio program back in 1947, Candid Camera, a hidden camera reality television series, has been a favorite in American homes. In 1961, the show featured “the most unusual Candid Camera visit right to the very heart of Moscow.” Host Durward Kirby promised to bring viewers something “a little different”. In […] More

  • Welcome to Moscow City 17

    And in Russian language. Russian computer animator created his own futuristic version of Moscow. In the video, Moscow is under martial law. It’s controlled by Putin and his bots. According to the creator, the idea of Moscow as City 17 from Half Life computer game is not new. It’s rebirth of the old Internet meme: […] More

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