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  • A Russian Family Has Been Living With a Bear For 23 years

    While Russians are well known for their strange habits, the Panteleenko family definitely beats the usual limits. Svetlana and her husband Yuriy proudly call themselves the parents of Stepan, a 23-year old cute, cuddly and welcoming..bear. The couple adopted the animal when it was only 3 months old. Stepan, as he was unofficially named by […] More

  • Pet Edgar – New Home

    Sergey Posokhin (aka VolF Maple) brings some humor in his 2D animations. His animated comedy pilot features the Pet named Edgar. The thing is, that Edgar is a human (sort of) and he lives in a cat family. So, they have their acts reversed, or mixed up, or messed up. Sergey’s animation was greatly welcomed […] More

  • Monkey Business

    A monkey named Fyodor in an oversized coat hops in to inspect a farmhouse filled with goats and chickens. Fyodor has a YouTube channel where you can watch him taking a bath, learning to use silverware and even enjoying a circus show. More

  • Kesha, the cat from the Arctic Svalbard archipelago

    With the Soviet architecture and a bust of Lenin, Barentsburg is a small Russian/Ukrainian community on Svalbard archipelago. In order not to disturb the ecological balance, keeping cats on the Arctic Svalbard archipelago is strictly prohibited. Nevertheless, the cat Kesha was brought there by Russians and the paperwork stated that it was an arctic fox. […] More