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  • Oddities of road construction in Russia

    A new road leading to a pig farm in the village of Vishnevka, Primorsky Krai, greets the drivers with the power line pole. Drivers have to drive around it on the shoulder. It worth noting, that relevant traffic signs are mounted on the pole. via More

  • The Road to Nowhere, literally

    Recently, this video went viral in Russia. According to the description, the incident happened near the city of Tyumen. The driver and passengers didn’t except the road to end so unexpectedly. via More

  • Stylist from Saratov organized a beach photoshoot in a pothole

    In order to draw attention to the issue of bad roads, stylist and model Anna Moskvichyova arranged an unusual photo shoot in Saratov. The girl posed in a swimsuit and a hat, while sitting on an inflatable flamingo in a pothole. Anna decided to make a gray urban environment a little brighter, while protesting against […] More

  • Why are the streets so muddy in Russia?

    One of the eternal question that everyone asks in Russia is “why are streets and roads in Russia so muddy?” If there is one Russian word a visitor to the country should know, it is slyakot, a wonderfully onomatopoeic term that translates, simultaneously, as “slush” and “mud”… . Russia’s streets and roads disappear, only to […] More

  • Girls in Bikinis Draw Attention to Bad Road Conditions in Novosibirsk

    Russia’s roads are notoriously bad. Novosibirsk residents finally had enough, so they organized a quirky protest on the worst section of a local road. On a cold April day, girls put on their bikinis and were acting as they were on a beach party. This way they hoped to catch the attention of local authorities […] More

  • This is not the river – it’s the road in Samara

    Youtube user Alexander Karyagin uploaded drone-shot video of a huge puddle in Samara. As he describes his video, the puddle is located on Karl Marx Street in the industrial district of the city. “The most surprising fact is, that this section of the road was repaired last fall” — one of commentators notes. “I drove […] More

  • This Russian Woman Painted Crosswalk Herself near the City of Perm

    If something has to be done about the roads in Russia, it will be done by Russians themselves. At least that’s what a Perm resident thinks. On July 7th, she has painted a crosswalk by herself. A passerby tried to stop her, warning her that painting crosswalks without permission is an administrative offense. But the […] More