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  • Saint Petersburg train station platform renovation in one picture

    Saint Petersburg is getting ready for the World Cup 2018. On one of the platforms of a Moscow train station, major renovation is going on. The tile, which was laid down less than a year ago, is being replaced, by a new one with totally different pattern. via More

  • RIP, TV

    In the administration of the Kirov district of St. Petersburg, the monument to TV is installed. Officials, however, insist that this is a digital information screen for local residents, but no one believes them. More

  • Aeroflot JET airliner suffered severe damage to its nose after striking a bird

    On November 29th, at the Pulkovo airport, Aeroflot jet airliner flying from Moscow hit a bird while landing. Pictures have emerged showing the crumpled nose of the plane following the dramatic midair impact. Fortunately, the plane landed safely. More

  • Historical places of Great October Revolution: Then And Now

    The revolution of 1917 changed the course not only of Russian, but also the world history. The past hundred years have brought collapse, rebirth and the new collapse of the Russian empire. But, as these photos prove, Moscow and St. Petersburg pretty much remain the same. More

  • American Bald Eagle Statue in the Heart of Saint Petersburg

    The Singer House is one of the most beautiful buildings in Saint Petersburg. Also, it is a home of largest and most famous bookshop, Dom Knigi (“House of the Book”). However, today we focus on the bald eagle statue; the symbol of the American pride, that sits on the glass dome of the Singer Company […] More

  • Saint Petersburg’s Hidden Treasure – Vintage Elevators

    Even though they are unnoticed by an ordinary pedestrians, old steam powered elevators are the hidden treasure of St. Petersburg, Russia. Most of them are out of order, but there are some that still work, though elegant concierges are long gone. It seems incredible now, but over a 100-200 years ago an elevator was a […] More

  • Ushakov Church is one of the most absurd churches in Russia

    Built in 2012, the Ushakov Church is one of the most strangest buildings in Russia. Located in Saint Petersburg, it’s named in honor of Saint Feodor Ushakov, the most distinguished Russian naval commander and admiral of the 18th century. Because of its odd location on top of a supermarket, locals ironically call it the Church […] More

  • Vintage Car Show in Saint Petersburg

    Vintage car show was held in Saint Petersburg on May 24. It was timed to the Day of the City. Restored trolleybuses, trams, cars, motorcycles and trucks took part in the parade around the city. While some of the vehicles were brought in by the local museums, many were driven by owners and car enthusiasts […] More

  • Awesome performance of Zenit’s fans in St. Petersburg

    On May 25, more than two thousand fans of FC Zenit Saint Petersburg took part in the event dedicated to club’s 90th anniversary. They lined up along the Neva River and the Palace Bridge, near the Peter and Paul Fortress on Vasilyevsky Island, and simultaneously raised their lit flares. More

  • Museum of Soviet Arcade Machines

    The museum of Soviet Arcade Machines has branches in Saint-Petersburg and Moscow. The museum offers a unique exhibition of more than 30 mid-1980s arcade machines, including: “Battleship”, “Safari”, “Dogfight”, “Highway”, “Sniper”, and ”Turnip”. Most of the arcade cabinets still work while some are getting restored. Visitors are welcomed to test their Soviet gaming skills and […] More

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