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  • Saratov residents surprised by Porsche taxicab

    In Saratov, both drivers and pedestrians were surprised by expensive Porsche Panamera with taxi roof sign. Many wondered if the driver of Porsche is joking, or his taxicab, in fact, is available. No one actually tried to hail it. Most likely, the owner of Porsche is from Moscow. In Saratov, “they purchase a taxi license, […] More

  • Stylist from Saratov organized a beach photoshoot in a pothole

    In order to draw attention to the issue of bad roads, stylist and model Anna Moskvichyova arranged an unusual photo shoot in Saratov. The girl posed in a swimsuit and a hat, while sitting on an inflatable flamingo in a pothole. Anna decided to make a gray urban environment a little brighter, while protesting against […] More

  • The Playground in Saratov City

    Captured by the prominent Russian blogger Ilya Varlamov, the photos of a playground in Saratov recently went viral. To see more disturbing playgrounds visit this and this posts. More

  • Saratov Debt Collectors Spray Painted Staircase and Cars with Obscenities

    Saratov debt collectors are trying to make a wrong person to pay someone’s debt. The way they do it is a bit extreme even for Russia. According to Marina Ivanova, she is receiving overdue bills addressed to a person who is no longer registered on her property. However, collectors keep calling Marina and even threatening […] More