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  • Photo story of a Murmansk resident buying iPhone X goes viral

    The action-packed photo story of Murmansk resident Natalya Netrebskaya, about her buying the new smartphone IPhone X goes viral on the Internet. The girl captured in the photos every step of the process of buying the phone. Whether she did it on purpose, in order to get likes or not, we might never know. However, […] More

  • Video Blogger Addresses Russian Parliament

    The Russian video blogger Alexandra Balkovskaya, also known as Sasha Spielberg, appeared in the State Duma. The girl was invited by Deputy Sergei Neverov, at the parliamentary hearings “On the Youth Policy of Russia.” The 19 year old blogger, who is known for bathing in potato chips, gave advice on working with social networks, speculated […] More

  • Christmas tree at Moscow’s Gorky Park

    This is the time of the year, when cities all over the world are lit up and decorated. Moscow is not an exception. This year Moscow Gorky Park administration thought out of the box, and went for a horizontal Christmas tree. The tree is placed parallel to the ground, in the colonnade of the main […] More

  • Russians posting photographs of their work places

    Pikabu is a Russian social media and discussion website. Recently, Pikabu users started a movement, to post photographs from their work places. While some of the images show an average Joe jobs, many are quite interesting and give a glimpse into the daily life of Russians. No matter how big or small a job is, […] More

  • When life gives you a bump, make a mountain

    A few photos have been floating around social media, that illustrate how creative Russians can be and how they can make the best of a bad situation. The photographs depict a result of a car accident. A neighbor bumped into the door of a parked vehicle. Pretty upsetting, but everything went by the book. Since […] More

  • Social media users supported schoolboy who was bullied by classmates

    A support of an 11 year old Stepan Saveliev, who loves dinosaurs and computer games, has acquired a cosmic scale. A video message to Stepan in Russian language was recorded by NASA astronaut Dan Burbank, followed by the many users of “Vkontakte”, as well as celebrities of the Russian IT–industry and show business. It all […] More