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  • The Online Community That Makes Fun of the USSR

    VKontakte, the largest social networking service in Russia, is Holy Grail of obscure and offbeat communities. One of them is Atypical USSR (unssr), which is actually a collection of vintage Soviet photographs with humorous and absurd captions. Visit their, Twitter, Instagram, More

  • How Social Media Users Responded to Turkey’s downing of Russian warplane

    On Tuesday, Turkey downed the Russian warplane over Syria. Social network users promptly responded with a series of jokes. Even though this is not a laughing matter, there is always something positive even in the worst situations. Putin referred to the incident as the backstabbing. More

  • Wacky Wedding Photos

    Russia’s largest social network VKontakte, has a community called “True Russian Wedding” with 40K subscribers. They share funny and amusing wedding photos and rate them. The administration of the community kindly reminds to keep a wedding photographer well paid. Otherwise, you might end up with the wedding pictures like these. More

  • The Most Beautiful Places in Russia Found by Redditors

    Reddit is “an entertainment, social networking, and news website where registered community members submit content”, including photos. The website is well known all over the Internet, but some of Reddit’s niche communities are somewhat obscure. One of them is Earthp**n – subreddit dedicated to amazing places on Earth. A quick search in this community returns […] More

  • Cities across Russia lighted up by Northern Lights

    Stargazers across Russia were captivated by the spectacular show of multicolored lights shimmering across the night skies last night. Known as Northern Lights, or auroras borealis, is not an unusual occurrence in Russia, however this time social media has been flooded with photos and videos of bright colored skies across Russia. More

  • Putinspiration: Putin Conquers the Hearts of Instagram Users

    Instagram account with pictures of Vladimir Putin and encouraging messages is gaining popularity among Internet users. Named Putinspiration, it features inspirational images of the Russian president. Currently, it has only 18 posts, but whopping 10K subscribers. More

  • 2D Among Us: Animated Movie Characters Reimagined Living in Russia

    What if animated movie characters lived in the real world?  While browsing VKontakte, the largest social network in Russia, one might find the community art project “2D among us” that illustrates the answer.  According to its creators, “our favorite characters come to life, facing the sadness of reality.” The art project features digitally edited images […] More

  • Some Russians Protest LGBT Pride with Russian Flag Profile Pictures

    Facebook has enabled a Celebrate Pride function which allows users to decorate their current profile picture with the iconic LGBT rainbow flag. In response, some Russian users of Facebook chose to decorate their profile pictures with the colors of Russian flag. The first to apply patriotic colors to Facebook profile was Oleg Chulakov. Then, Richat […] More

  • Russian Girls and Shawarma

    There is a new trending community on VKontakte social network called “Beautiful Girls and Shawarma”. The community is run by a Social media marketer Roman Bordunov. According to him, “the traditional Arabic food, shawarma, is gaining popularity among Russian youth.” In his opinion, girls and the meat wrap are the winning combination. In just a […] More

  • Moscow Subway Fashion

    Recently, we posted about the Saint Petersburg subway fashion. This time we going to take a peek inside Moscow Metro. With average daily ridership of 6.73 million passengers, Moscow subway has its own choice of eccentrics. There is a community on VKontakte and Instagram that collects photos of unusually dressed Moscow subway commuters. Here are […] More

  • Eccentrics from Russian Social Networks

    Below is an album of public snapshots taken from popular Russian social networking sites, which give you a bit of an idea as to the type of people you might meet on your travels. More

  • Saint Petersburg Subway Fashion

    From bizarre haircuts to eccentric outfits and accessories, Saint Petersburg metro is the right place to spot freaks. There is a community page on VKontakte and Instagram that collects photos of unusually dressed commuters. Here are some of them. More

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