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  • Russian Film Directors Propose to Create an Anti-McDonald’s Fast Food Chain, On Government’s Dime

    Two prominent Russian film directors, Andrei Konchalovsky and his brother Nikita Mikhalkov, sent a letter to President Vladimir Putin, calling for government grants for the creation of a fast food chain patriotically named “Eat At Home”, as an alternative to western McDonald’s. More

  • Sightings of Northern Lights Above Central Russia

    Typical to Russia’s North, Aurora Borealis was spotted above several central regions of Russia on March 17th, 2015. Residents of Tver, Perm, Vologda, Saint Petersburg and Moscow regions got a chance to enjoy Northern Lights. Unusual geomagnetic activity is in part responsible for uncommon show in these parts of Russia. Geomagnetic activity is still high, […] More

  • Russian court fined a Grammar Nazi

    In Buryatia, the court fined Maria Burdukovskaya who has published the image of The Reichsadler (“Imperial Eagle”) with the caption “Grammatik Macht Frei” (Grammar makes (you) free) on her “VKontakte” page. According to the court, the image is Nazi propaganda. The picture was uploaded in June, 2014, but only on March 5, 2015 police officers […] More

  • Life with Igor, Redditor’s Russian Brother-in-law

    Recently, a Reddit user shared humorous images of his Russian brother-in-law who currently lives in the USA. Allegedly, the Russian guy Igor came to the US when he was 4. “He has a ‘regular’ American speaking voice, but he can pull off a Russian accent flawlessly – and often chooses to do so. He loves […] More

  • Poroshenko and Russian passports

    According to RT, Ukrainian President Poroshenko’s speeches are a kind of performance art. On Saturday, Poroshenko was again engaged in physical theater, this time in Munich. Holding up Russian passports, he alleged that they belonged to Russian soldiers who had been found on Ukrainian soil. Yahoo news called the Russian (civilian) passports – which all […] More

  • Meet Russia’s Photoshop Trolls

    Photoshop is a great and powerful tool. It can take ordinary pictures and make them funny… or make them weird. In Russia, there are many people with awesome Photoshop skills, and those who don’t have any ability usually ask people for help online. Sometimes these requests go wrong. Basically, this is what’s going on: someone […] More

  • Melancholic Side of Russia

    Russian community “Toska” (Melancholy) at collects sad images of Russia. As the description reads “Melancholy is a social phenomenon which is, in fact, physically tangible in nature. The look and feel of the surroundings gets into your soul…” Some of the images chosen by the D3 community perfectly fit into the mood of freezing […] More

  • 4 Weird Communities on VKontakte

    VKontakte, the largest social networking service in Russia, has many communities with narrow specific topics. How are they different from any other entertainment resources? Usually they do not use existing memes and don’t repost stuff from others (with rare exceptions). Also, they are specific niche oriented. Their audience is usually quite small, but because of […] More

  • The Power of Tears: Weird Group in VKontakte

    Social network VKontakte, known as Russia’s answer to Facebook, has a lot of weird communities. One of them, Sila Slezki (The Power of Tears) seems to be popular among teenagers in Russia. Teens upload crying selfies and rate them. Some posters are clearly looking for an emotional support, while others are crying for no obvious […] More

  • Russian Facebook Album

    The captions are really simple and hilarious. Especially loved the Russian battle cockroach one–perfect way to liven up the description of a monotone plastic toy. More

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