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  • Opening of Russia’s Victory Day Parade

    Traditionally, Sergey Shoygu, General of the Army, crossed himself while opening Russia’s Victory Day Parade. Today, Russia commemorates the surrender of Nazi Germany in 1945. The reason why he did this at this particular spot is, because there is a religious icon located above the arch. More

  • Hollywood stars congratulate Kopeysk residents on Victory Day

    The editorial office of the Kopeisky Rabochy (Kopeiskian Worker) newspaper, received a congratulatory email from Hollywood. The email included pictures of world stars posing with the newspaper. Among the actors were: Ben Affleck, Morgan Freeman, Nicole Kidman, Angelina Jolie and Leonardo DiCaprio. This way, the actors congratulated residents of Kopeysk, on Victory Day. An unusual […] More

  • Victory Day Parade in Pictures

    Today Russia celebrates the 71st anniversary of Nazi Germany’s defeat. The annual Victory Day parade commemorates USSR’s victory over Nazi forces in World War II.  Traditionally, people come to the parade with posters, soviet memorabilia and with the pictures of their ancestors, who fought in WW2. Here are some images from today’s celebration, that went […] More

  • 10 Year-old Girl Tells A Story of Her Great-Grandfather By Drawing With His Ashes

    A little girl used a rather unusual way to pay the tribute to her great-grandfather who fought in WWII. “It’s my great-grandfather, or part of his ashes from the urn”. 10 year old Anya states in the beginning of the video, while holding the urn of her great-grandfather, who passed away a year ago. The […] More

  • Ribbon of Saint George: May 9th Madness

    Victory Day or 9 May is a holiday, that marks the capitulation of Nazi Germany to the Soviet Union at the end of Second World War. Also it’s known as the Great Patriotic War, in the Soviet Union. The Ribbon of Saint George or Saint George’s Ribbon is a widely recognized military symbol in Russia. […] More

  • Victory Day Car Mods

    Yesterday Russia celebrated Victory Day, the 70th anniversary of the defeat of Nazi Germany. In order to get into the Holiday Spirit, some Russian drivers modified appearance of their vehicles to look like WW2 tanks. More

  • Baikal seals commemorate WWII Victory Day

    Irkutsk “Nerpanarium” (Baikal Seal Aquarium) offers a patriotic seal show. Trained nerpas (Baikal Lake seals) wear military berets, hold guns, flags while “marching” and performing mine clearance. “The patriotic military show is open for admission year round. Among visitors we have had veterans and those who were involved in local conflicts. People were inspired and […] More

  • Russian tanks are in Washington: Victory Day Parade Projected on the White House

    Short video showing projection of Victory Day Parade on the wall of the White house is circulating on Social networks. According to it’s creators, “Barack Obama has forbidden many “World Leaders” to visit Moscow Victory Day Parade and refused to come himself. Well, we live in high-technology time so we can say “if Barack doesn’t […] More

  • Prison Flashmob Commemorates the Victory Day

    Saint Petersburg and Leningrad Oblast Prison Department held a series of flash mobs commemorating The Victory Day in the Great Patriotic War. In the video, inmates are singing Katyusha while lining up to form “70 years” and “Thank You for the Victory” messages. More

  • Patriotic Fashion Show Celebrates Victory in the Great Patriotic War

    Russian designers prepared Patriotic fashion collections for the national contest to mark the Victory Day. This became one of the most discussed topics on the Internet. On April 29, in Moscow’s recreational center “Loft”, the contest dedicated to the 70 anniversary of the victory in the Great Patriotic War, took place. The “patriotic collection” with […] More

  • Sign of the Times: World War II Victory Day Billboard Mix-Up Caused Public Outrage

    In Russia, Victory Day is May 9, a day to commemorate the surrender of Nazi Germany in World War II. To mark the event, Russians are setting up billboards congratulating their World War II veterans. Recently, in the town of Ivanteevka, Moscow oblast, World War II Victory Day Billboard caused a pubic outrage. Designed to […] More