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  • Public toilet with candles at the central bus station in Voronezh

    Public bathroom, located at the central bus station in Voronezh has no heating, electricity and water, since the beginning of the year. Toilet fee is 15 rubles, which is around $0.25. The place is lit up with candles inserted in plastic bottles. According to the manager of the bathroom Valentina Terekhina, the administration of the […] More

  • Voronezh residents rescued a pregnant dog who was buried alive by city workers

    Cruel things are happening around the world daily, but thanks to the kindness of some people’s hearts there is a hope that animal cruelty will decrease. Voronezh residents saved the life of a stray dog, who was entombed underground. According to the residents, pavement collapsed in front of their apartment building entrance, which created a […] More

  • Helicopter towing a fighter jet in Voronezh

    A Reddit user captured these images of the helicopter towing a military jet in Voronezh. Apparently, this is a common way of transporting jets in Russia. The questions has been raised by some. How do they put it down without damaging it? More