Unusual Things Happening in Russia Every Day


Buckwheat Panic

For the past few weeks, Russians have been frantically buying up buckwheat following reports of the US and European sanctions. Buckwheat, or grechka as it’s known in Russia, is a fruit seed that functions as a more-nutritious alternative to most grains and is a regular feature of the traditional Russian diet. It can be the…

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Winter Surfing near Vladivostok

Cold water surfing is the popular sport among brave surfers in Russia. With water temperature of +2 °C and air temperature of -10 °C, guys are spending hours surfing in ice-cold water. Photographer Evgeniya Kokurina captured the images of Vladivostok surfers catching the waves in the Bay of Chernysheva on the island of Russki.


Russian State TV Runs Apocalyptical Promo for Putin Press Conference

At first one might think this is a promo for a new Russian action movie, but it’s actually just a news station announcing it will air Putin’s press conference on 18th of December.


Fabulous White Sands Expecting Courageous Tourists in Siberia

A Russian tourism board launched the project “I’m Siberian”. The purpose of the campaign is to attract tourists to the cold and isolated region of the country. The promotional company includes the photo shoot “Fabulous White Sands of Siberia” featuring girls sunbathing on a frozen lake covered in snow. The slogan for the campaign is:…

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Military BRDM Cab in St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg cab company revealed its new addition to its fleet – vehicle based on the amphibious armored scout car BRDM. The cab has no air conditioning, leather interior, or electric windows. It uses 25 liters of gasoline per 100 kilometers. But it has a machine gun. Dubbed as the “safest cab” in St. Petersburg,…

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Edging the Snow: Bizarre Punishment in Russian Army

In order to eradicate bad behavior, Russian troops are forced to do unusual things. To discipline the troops, Russian military commanders constantly come up with the bizarre ideas of punishment. One of them is edging the snow to make it perfectly squared. By the end of the day, soldiers feel completely exhausted, therefore, they are…

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Parking Wars in the City of Sarov

The owner of the black BMW considers that he has a designated parking spot, when in fact he doesn’t. Every time someone parks in his spot, he either blocks the car or simply tows it away.


The Forest Tale – Creepy Place in Belarus

A 71-year-old resident of Baranovichi turned an overgrown land in the deep woods into a colorful place called “Lyasnaya Kazka” (The Forest Tale). It took him over three years to complete his work. People from the most distant corners of Belarus, Russia and Ukraine come to look at his unusual creation. Most fear among visitors…

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Church of Andrew the Apostle on Vuoksi River

The Church of Andrew the Apostle is mentioned in The Guinness World Records as the world’s only church built on a tiny island, with a monolithic rock serving as the foundation. It was built in 2000 by Andrew Rotinov. Surrounded by the scenic views of Vuoksi River, the place is perfect to get closer to…

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There, I Fixed It

While renovating the exterior of Tver State Medical Academy, the construction workers run the electrical cables through the façade.


Police Chase with an Unexpected Ending

This Russian policeman runs 16 km/h or 4.4 meters a second. Usain Bolt, widely regarded as the fastest person ever, runs only twice faster than an average Russian cop.


Embrassing Punishment for Russian Soldiers

These Russian soldiers learned their lesson the hard way. They either forgot or lost their equipment and were given heavier wooden replacements instead.

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