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    A man from Mitino dug “Lord, help Russia” message, that can be seen from space

    The mystery of the message “Lord, help Russia”, which appeared on Google maps and went viral on the Internet, was revealed by its author. It turned out, that the phrase is a desperate cry of a local resident, who is tired of fighting for the environmental issues of his small town. More

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    Residents of Likino-Dulyovo have to crawl under the train to bury their relatives

    It may sound straight out of the horror movie, but it is as real as it gets. The only way to get to the cemetery in the town of Likino-Dulyovo is by crossing the railway. On this stretch of the railway, freight trains often stand for hours and for the residents, who have to bury […] More

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    “Your classmate’s wedding” Online Community

    “Your classmate’s wedding” is a comunity on Vkontakte. As the name suggests, it is dedicated to a celebration of the happiest day in life: wedding day. Subscribers send photos of their friends, relatives, or their own wedding. The reason behind it varies. Some one wants to mock a classmate, someone envies a neighbor, and someone […] More

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    Post office in Yaroslavl

    These are the photos of the post office №61 in Yaroslavl. Nothing has changed since the 90’s, and maybe the 80’s. The last year the display glass was removed and that’s all the “renovation” that was done.The place always smells musty. And people are actually working in there. More

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