The World’s Biggest Ice Rink

Russia: Ever seen the world's biggest ice rink by DRONE?

Russia is a country known for its freezing temperatures so it’s obvious the world’s largest ice rink is located in the country’s capital, Moscow. The artificial ice rink opened on 28 November at the National Exhibition of Economic Achievements (VDNKh). However, nothing ever goes right in Russia. The city officials didn’t anticipate amount of people the 20,500 square meters of ice would attract. On the opening day, a huge crowd of people gathered in front of the ticket office. Some were waiting more than two hours in line.


At some point, visitors literally have started to storm the ticket office. Then, cashiers simply fled.



A lot of people were jumping over the fence to get in.




Russians were neither surprised nor amused by the poor event organization. Typical comments in Russian blogosphere were: “Moscow officials are capable of ruining anything good that happens in our country”.

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