Putin’s Smiley Face In The Sand

Vladimir Putin took part in the forum “the State and civil society: cooperation in the name of development” held at the library of Moscow state University. In the library lobby at the public exhibition of the projects, President drew a smiley face in the sand.

Владимир Путин нарисовал «смайлик» на песке в библиотеке МГУ

Organizers of the forum promised to show President’s art to kids all over the country.


Putin’s happy sand drawing caused an overwhelming response on YouTube. Some of the humorous commentary included:

– “Latest news: Putin pet a tiger cub, Putin drew a smiley face… what’s next?”
– “This is Obama’s face”
– “The dollar sign would have been more appropriate drawing”
– “The Happiness Handbook: Item No. 1 – Enjoying the Small Things”
– “The squared sand face looks like Ukrainian President’s head to me…”
– “Poroshenko would have drawn swastika”
– “Meanwhile, top CIA psychologists are truing to figure out the intentions of Putin through his drawing. They diligently seek answers to the questions of why the smiley face is square, not round.”

– via rt.


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