Life with Igor, Redditor’s Russian Brother-in-law

Recently, a Reddit user shared humorous images of his Russian brother-in-law who currently lives in the USA. Allegedly, the Russian guy Igor came to the US when he was 4. “He has a ‘regular’ American speaking voice, but he can pull off a Russian accent flawlessly – and often chooses to do so. He loves the borscht and pulling pranks.” Funny images of Igor quickly gained attention on Reddit. Many asked for more updates. You can find more Igor’s news @Lifewithigor and new images on Istagram.

01 - FqZySS7

02 - LIV3n54

03 - gv9LumD

04 - 8oxnxrQ

05 - ObSADnc

06 - 1kgwFRJ

07 - 8edXNfD

08 - 15i92rN

09 - oA2qVBG

10 - f23XGKX

11 - bOG833S

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