Alternative Uses for Old Tires Discovered by Yaroslavl Residents


There is a huge tire plant in the city of Yaroslavl. It is the largest tire plant in the Eastern Europe. Probably because of this fact, old tires are so deeply embedded in the urban landscape. This is the only place where you can stumble upon such quantity of old tires. Tires in Yaroslavl are used for landscaping, fencing and even for decorating. They are everywhere: big and small, painted in bright colors or simply black, dug into the ground and stacked onto each other.

In Yaroslavl, there is no neighborhood without flower pots made of tires.

Landscape design ideas? Tires and tires.

In Yaroslavl, old tires cheer you up. They are the first to be seen on the lawn after the long snowy winter.

Tires can be spread out around a building entrance.

Tires can be dug into the ground and colorfully painted.

Tires can be used as a playground fence.

As if a guiding star, tires direct residents of Yaroslavl to their destinations.

At many building entrances, tires are stock carefully on top each other. Anyone can take them.

Residents leave tires at the entrance, so others make use of them. The legend goes that if the residents of Yaroslavl see a tire while visiting another city, they start painting it or digging it into the ground.

How many types of tires will you find in this photo?

One can mark own parking spot with old tires.

Only in Russia, tires are used as a parking spots markings.

Tires in Yaroslavl became elements of a city landscape.

Residents of Yaroslavl don’t notice them any more. When asked why there are so many tires on streets, they reply with astonishment: “Tires? Where at?”

Tires in the yards.

Tires on the city streets.

Tires instead of fences.

There is a huge pile of tires even in downtown.

Sometimes tires are painted partially.

Sometimes completely.

One tire is never enough. Often, they are stock on top of each other.

Sometimes, tires are decorated with soft toys.

Of course, they make swans from the old tires.

Sometimes, tires inspire creativity.

The Yaroslavl sculptors wanted to present the Moscow mayor a 98-meter sculpture made from old tires. But the mayor Luzhkov of that time refused the gift.

“Lonely Tire”

Photo courtesy of Ilya Varlamov.

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