Crucified Gagarin Graffiti Marks Orthodox Easter and Anniversary of First Man in Space


Noting the coinciding dates of Gagarin’s flight and Orthodox Easter, Russian artist Alexander Zhunev united symbols of Christianity and Cosmonautics Day in his graffiti the city of Perm.

“It seems to me, that the coincidence of calendar dates is very symbolical. Science and religion were in conflict for a long time, while trying to win their share of influence on our minds. My art installation “Gagarin. A crucifixion” is an attempt to draw attention to this centuries-old opposition in the form of modern art. Why Gagarin? In my opinion, he is the modern Jesus from science. He voluntarily took upon himself the passions of mankind’s space torments. He is a superstar just like Jesus Christ. His image is used by the state as an icon of patriotism. He is resurrected in media space and will never die in our memory.”


– via Facebook.

Update: His graffiti has been removed by the city authorities. Alexander Zhunev was detained for questioning.


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