Surgeon Beats His Patient to Death

On December 29, 2015, the outrage erupted in the city of Belgorod, after surgeon Ilya Zelenidov beat his patient to death. Shocking incident happened in the emergency room of the department of therapy. The incident was recorded on the surveillance camera. A nurse was examining the patient, who was brought in by EMT, when the doctor barged into the room and accused the patient of sexually harassing his nurse. Then, he starting vigorously punching the patient and knocked him out unconscious. The patient’s friend, who came along with him, tried to intervene, but the doctor attacked him as well. After awhile, nurses noticed that the patient didn’t show any sign of life and turned blue. Only then, the violent doctor started attending the patient and tried to revitalize him, but it was too late: the patient has died.

The surgeon involved in the incident has been fired. Reportedly, this wasn’t his first act of aggression in the hospital.

Disturbingly, the surgeon was listed as the hospital stuff member till last night. On January 9th, 2016, after the footage of the surveillance camera went viral on YouTube, his profile picture and information were taken off the website.

Surgeon Ilya Zelenidov. Photo downloaded from Belgorod's hospital website.

Surgeon Ilya Zelenidov. Photo downloaded from Belgorod’s hospital website.

Update: Full video of the incident.

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