The Mysterious Stone Spheres of Champ Island

If you are brave enough to take a trip to the Arctic, you might as well stop by on Champ Island, Franz Josef Land archipelago, Russia. The ball-shaped stones on Champ Island form a cosmic landscape. Perfectly round rocks are scattered all over the island, as if they are growing out of the ground. Melting glaciers expose the surface of the island, washing away a rounded form. A size of the stones varies from a few centimeters to a few meters in diameter. Due to the impact of a strong winds, water and low temperature, many of the stones lost their round shape and look like cobblestones.

Because of the territorial fragmentation of the archipelago and the great distance from the mainland, more research on the island of Champ is not carried out. There are several theories about the origin of mysterious stones. According to the Austrian geologist Sepp Fridhubera, the appearance of boulders is a result of the accumulation of sedimentary material transported from land to the sea. The rounded shapes of the rocks were formed underwater and they have an organic core in the center. The phenomenon of the round stones on the island of Champ is yet to be studied. There is no official version of their origin; every geologist who comes to the island has a version of his own.










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