McDonald’s Opening in Barnaul Causes Madness барнаульцы устроили давку на открытии "Макдоналдса".

On July 1st, the first McDonald’s restaurant was opened in Barnaul. Locals lined up for hours in front of the restaurant way before the opening. Eventually, customers began to push their way in, so security was forced to let people in restricted groups.

Residents of Barnaul posted on social media, that they are ashamed of their fellow residents, and didn’t understand why the restaurant has caused such a hype.

The first McDonalds was opened in Moscow back in 1990. Back then, huge crowd of at least five thousand people lined up to get inside. Apparently, twenty six years later, people are still hungry for the American fast food.

Opening of McDonald's in Moscow, 1990

Opening of McDonald’s in Moscow, 1990

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