Russian Army Crew Tears Apart And Rebuilds UAZ-469 in Four Minutes

As the 2016 Olympics are about to start, we decide to offer rather unusual and peaceful competition between countries.

Here is an impressive performance by the Russian military, that can be matched by the Canadian and American military. Russian military crew managed to disassemble and put together UAZ-469: an off-road military light utility vehicle, in around four minutes.

Разборка УАЗа курсантами ОАБИИ

In another video, Canadian army crew tears apart and rebuilds Jeep in four minutes.

Army Crew Tears Apart & Rebuilds Jeep in Four Minutes

And the Americans.

Now that’s an interesting competition between armies. But, preferably, if armies would tear their military vehicles apart and would not rebuild them at all would be much better. That way, military conflicts between countries would be avoided and the world would sure be a better place.

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