Meme: Zabivaka – Russia 2018 FIFA World Cup Official Mascot


Internet users made fun of Russian soccer using Zabivaka mascot.

The results of voting for the mascot of the World Cup, which will take place in 2018 in Russia, have been just announced. It is worth noting, that the mascot: the wolf Zabivaka is liked by most people. However, internet users didn’t delay and already started photoshopping the mascot. This way, they tried to bring to public attention the problems, that the Russian soccer has, as well as social, political, economic issues.

In particular, users made fun of the protracted and expensive construction of the main stadium of the Northern capital; “Zenit Arena”. The wolf depicted in the form of the main character from the Soviet cartoon “Vova in a Far, Far Away Kingdom”, alluding to his most famous phrase: “that’s good enough” (Vova is short of Vladimir in Russian, “Zabivaka” is based on the word “забивать”, “to score” or “to roll”).

"That's good enough"

“That’s good enough”



American History X

American History X


As a reference to the recent doping scandal

As a reference to the recent doping scandal


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