The bizzarre app of the day: Putin vs Aliens


Google play has tons of games and some of them are just ridiculous. On Russian segment of Google play a game “Putin vs Aliens” is rapidly gaining popularity. Description states: “2015. Vladimir Putin performs the duties of the President of the Russian Federation. Unexpectedly, in the middle of the working day, he gets a call from aliens. They declare their will to destroy human beings and only Putin can save the planet. Naturally, Putin accepts the challenge. But he isn’t alone: he gets help from his loyal friends, from women, who are madly in love with him, and, of course, the people of Russia. Travel into the future, fly into the space, meet with Cameron Diaz: that’s what awaits you in the new original game “Putin vs. Aliens”!”

According to the official community page of the game, the budget of the game has increased and now, the developer can afford an expensive vodka. Also, soon the game will be available on Steam.

Here is the trailer of the Steam version.

Reptilians Must Die! Teaser

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