Video Blogger Addresses Russian Parliament

The Russian video blogger Alexandra Balkovskaya, also known as Sasha Spielberg, appeared in the State Duma. The girl was invited by Deputy Sergei Neverov, at the parliamentary hearings “On the Youth Policy of Russia.” The 19 year old blogger, who is known for bathing in potato chips, gave advice on working with social networks, speculated about the trial of the “Pokemon catcher” Ruslan Sokolovsky, and expressed the vision of her subscribers about Putin.

According to Balkovskaya, her mission is to establish a dialogue between the YouTube community and the government.

“What would I do if I worked for the government? I would change my attitude towards social networks. I would teach to use these powerful tools.”

About Ruslan Sokolovsky she concluded: “Sokolovsky is an idiot. And idiots need to be treated or fined. It’s cruel and not pragmatic to take people like him to the court. And it does not exactly contribute to increase the trust of the government, among young people.”

According to her, most frequently asked question of her subscribers was about Putin. “They want to know more about the President Putin. Like, when he was our age, what were his problems, conflicts and how he solved them.” “Subscribers are the voters” was a theme of the speech. “I vote in the polling booth, not on social media” is her regime-friendly clarion call to her 5M YouTube subscribers.

This was the first video blogger’s speech in the lower house of parliament.

Саша Спилберг в ГосДуме Российской Федерации

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