Illustrated Stories by Max Degtyarev

Based in Moscow, designer and illustrator Max Degtyarev creates amazing works in his spare time. One of his illustrations, called “One Day of a Bench” recently was made into a gif image and went viral.

Max has a ton of great illustrations on his Behance page. Here is one of them.

During World War II metro stations were supposed to be used as a civil defense unit. In April 1941, Council of People’s Commissars decreed that underground railway was to be accommodated to a mass bomb-proof shelter. After the war new metro stations in the USSR were being designed considering a probability the potential enemy might use weapons of mass destruction — atomic, chemical and bacteriologic. Airshafts were equipped with filters. So, in case of a zombie virus epidemic a metro station can be a long-term shelter for the survivors.
Oh no, they are coming!

Quickly, down to the metro ventilation shaft!

Station assistant’s room is best as the shelter’s headquarters. There is an access to CCTV cameras, communication with the surface and other metro stations.
Also there is an accumulator room. In case of power cutoff accumulators provide a station with light and communication.

Blue manholes are meant for water pipes which are used to fill up mopping machines. Red manholes cover fire hoses. This will be a proper water supply for the survivors.

But the most important things are assistance and maintenance of discipline.

Something is wrong.
Hurry, take the weapon and run upstairs to the vestibule!


Will you survive the onslaught?
You should be prepared. Here’s your guide if you’ll choose a metro station to hide during Zombie Apocalypse:

Everything will be fine*.

Guide credits.
Survived illustrator: Max Degtyarev
Post-manager: Alex Luri.

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