Monument to an Alien

In 2011, Russia’s first ever monument to an extraterrestrial has been set up in the Perm Territory. The figure of the alien guest is made of pine and encountering each who ventures on a journey to the mysterious anomalous zone. It marks the site of the most frequent UFO sightings in Russia. The wooden statue, almost two meters tall, was erected at the entrance to the village of Molebka. This place was not chosen accidentally as it is considered one of the most popular UFO hotspots in Russia. Many believe that UFOs land there more often than in other places. The so-called Molebsky triangle was discovered in the 1980s.

The tourists almost immediately created a tradition to put small coins at the foot of this unusual monument. According to one version, doing so you can “persuade” the aliens do not come, to the other – to lure, on the contrary.

Location: Kishert region, Molebka village

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