One Minute Before Sunset: Nostalgic Video Project of “Massfilm Production”

Russian video agency “Massfilm Production” published a video, where the old neon signs of Novosibirsk were lit up again. Once neon signs created a special atmosphere and were part of the visual appearance of the city, but after the collapse of the USSR were unneeded. The local authorities decided to just turn them off in order to save electricity. The authors of the video tried to return the signs to life, at least with the help of computer graphics.

“In 1991 the USSR collapsed and a new country – Russia began to exist.
But as it always happens – only political structures fall apart, but people, their homes, lives, feelings and memories still remain.
Almost all Russian cities bear the signs of the old Soviet regime – neon signs- that one could probably call “beacons” to a whole generation that was stuck between the old and the new states.

The signs turned off for being inefficient in terms of saving electricity, but were not fully dismantled. This happened all over Russia and in our city of Novosibirsk – which is located in the center of a huge continent.
At the same time, there is a considerable lack of proper nighttime illumination in lots of Russian cities, as well as non-existent policy towards some unified urban image of those cities.
So we came up with an idea of starting a new art project of the signs’ restoration, for we truly believe that this could be a great way of both decorating the city and uniting the locals over something they all share – sweet and nostalgic feelings and memories for the past era.”

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