Presidential Elections 2018: Weirdness at the polling stations

On March 18 2018, the presidential voting took place in Russia. From random fights to free food, here are some unusual things that happened during the voting.


On March 18, the first time voters get magnets, key chains and folding cups from the Central Election Committee! So, drink up and and don’t think about the fact, that Putin will be in power for the next six years.
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Polling stations like this can mean only one thing: it’s presidential election day in Russia. Yes, its free food to attract electorate.
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And food coupons are given away.
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Voters in Omsk, promised an iPhone for the most inventive costume, are trying hard to win the prize.

In Russian Primorie polling stating grocery store products are on sale, plus blood donor station opened. Also at 1:00PM gynecologist’s reception starts.
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In an effort to get the vote out, authorities in the Siberian coal-mining town of Keremovo have given local shop owners special permission to sell food, cosmetics and men’s underwear at discount prices. There is also a selfie competition, YMCA on the speakers, and free ice cream.
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Those residents of Orlov city who vote, will be relieved of the abortion sin.

While In the city of Omsk, Ded Moroz was voting…

In Leningrad oblast, the ballistic missile used its right to vote.

“This is what voters in Crimea’s Sevastopol are being given. On the front the medal marks the date of the 2014 referendum that annexed Crimea. On the back ‘With Russia Forever’.”
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In Barnaul, ice swimmers voted.

And even medieval knights came to exercise their right to vote.

“Resident of Primary region has voted and died”

Man in Omsk protests against the Russian election by eating his ballot.

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