3 Most Interesting Places in Russia

Russia is a very weird country. It is paradoxical and even absurd in many ways unimaginable for people in the West. Russia can amaze, shock, and even scare you. But that is what’s so attractive about it. Russia’s originality, though often hilarious, distinguishes it from other countries and makes it quite unique. Makhachkala, Kaliningrad, and Sakhalin are, perhaps, the most geographically amazing places in the whole Russia. To imagine them as parts of Russia might be difficult for some but, nevertheless, these three cities are parts of Russian, though thousands of miles separate them from each other.


Sakhalin is the biggest populated Russian island. It is also the most Eastern part of Russia that is situated close to Japan and Korean peninsula. Sakhalin is interesting from a geographical point of view for its flora and fauna. Diverse animals and incredibly magnificent plants found on Sakhalin cannot be found anywhere else. Sakhalin is famous for its fish trade. Here you can taste some of the world’s most delicious lobsters, caviar, tuna, and other seafood. Sakhalin is an ecological marvel because of its clean fresh air and stable climate throughout the year. People visit Sakhalin to enjoy the sea and good weather. Russians in Sakhalin are very friendly and hospitable which make it a great place for a visit.


Kaliningrad is the only Russian district that has no geographical connection to Russian territory. In other words, Kaliningrad is surrounded by the territory of other countries Poland and Lithuania. It is an exclave that has no access to the mainland Russia. Kaliningrad is the most European of Russian cities. The infrastructure, architecture, and the level of life have higher standards than other Russian cities. Kaliningrad is a former German city but it has been made Russian after the end of World War II. In Kaliningrad you can see some of the cleanest streets in whole Russia. The city is very beautiful and has rich long history that goes back to 11th century. Don’t forget to visit local historical museum to know more about Kaliningrad. And, of course, try meeting new people, especially women who are easier to date in Kaliningrad than anywhere else in Russia.


Makhachkala is the capital city of Dagestan republic in North Caucasus. It is one of most northern Russian territories. The majority of population is Muslim, though more and more people become Orthodox Christians each year. Makhachkala is very different from other parts of Russia. The city is very clean, has great infrastructure, good economy, and interesting sites. Consider visiting local market that is so big you won’t be able to explore it completely spending a whole day. People in Makhachkala are very open and according to the traditions of Caucasus like to show their hospitality. Anytime you ask for help someone will definitely help you. The nature also has a lot to offer. You can travel outside the city to explore woods, archaeological sites, mountains, lakes, and rivers. The Republic of Dagestan is very ecologically clean and has relatively warm climate through the year.
You can find out more about interesting and unusual places in Russia visiting https://j4l.com/. Makhachkala, Sakhalin, and Kaliningrad definitely deserve your attention. They are among the most interesting, original, and unique Russian cities. Situated hundreds and thousands miles from each other they, nevertheless, show how big and diverse Russian territory is. These cities can prove to you that Russia can be very different when explored thoroughly. It is cities like the ones described which make Russia attract people from across the world.

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