Patients of the regional hospital in Kamchatka will be treated with prayer

Kamchatka eparchy and regional hospital of A. Lukashevsky signed a cooperation agreement. The agreement was signed by Archbishop Artemy of Petropavlovsk and Kamchatka, and chief of hospital staff Olga Zubkova. Physicians and priests came to a conclusion, that the body and soul are inseparable.

“Man is not only a collection of bones, veins, organs, it is also a living soul. The body is very closely connected with the soul. The doctor is called upon to heal the body, but the priest has the power to heal the soul. Because when the body weakens by illnesses, the soul also weakens. And you support the body, and we support the soul. And it will be easier for our Kamchatka resident to cope with illnesses and sorrows with the help of a priest, ” the archbishop stated.

Wether a priest service will be covered by insurance, or will a priest be charged with malpractice in case of unsuccessful treatment, is unknown.


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