Memorial park in Ushkovo

When it comes to St. Petersburg, there is no lack of interesting places to see. Besides the famous museums and architecture, there are numerous memorial sites dedicated to WW2. The Memorial Park in Ushkovo is one of them.

Located on the Primorsky Highway, near St. Petersburg, the memorial was created by sculptors of The Architectural Workshop “Pantheon”. Usually, this type of memorials are dedicated to the victims of war, but the Memorial Park is dedicated to fallen soldiers, who fought in WW2.

The details on pieces showcased in a park are very precise. There is a wall of a war trench, fire arms, bullets and sandbags. But, the most unique of them all are the copies of the actual letters, from the soldiers to their loved ones. The letters filled with raw emotions, bring sadness and pride to the reader.

Address: Plyazhevaya street 2, Primorsky highway 621-623, Ushkovo

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