“Bestiary 5+” Vkontakte page: Virtual Museum of Children’s Fine Arts

In 2017, the “Bestiary 5+” community page was created in VKontakte. It’s dedicated to children’s work of art. An art teacher’s virtual museum consists of photos of ceramics, drawings, mysterious animals and surreal portraits. Among other creatures and subjects, there are visualizations of abstract concepts.

An art teacher, Andrei Petrov, created the page, after he started to photograph the works of his students. Often, he came across “something completely extraordinary”, so he wanted to preserve the creations and to share them with the wider audience.

“One girl always sculpted ducks, only ducks. Thanks to her works, our page launched. The only sculpture, that was not a duck, was her New Year gift to me. It was a toy called “Pirate” Petrov said.

Maryana, 6 years old, “Pirate”, clay, glaze, 2017

The author of the page considers children’s creativity to be inspiring. “Over the time, I realized that children unconsciously make an imaginary museum. Not knowing the history of art, they create works that could reevaluate existing masterpieces. They are doing the same thing, that great artists have done for centuries.” he explains.

Kira, 6 years old, “Cats”

Mira, 6 years old, “Dream”, clay, 2017

Yura, 6 years old, “Computer”, clay, glaze, 2017

“As if I was swimming in the sea with a dolphin when I went to my grandmother”, clay, glaze, 2017

Maryana, 6 years old, “Butterfly”, clay, glaze, 2016

Maxim, 8 years old, “The Mask of Zabivaka”, clay, 2018

Kolya, 7 years old, “Buryat”, clay, glaze, 2017

Emilia, 9 years old, “Head”

“Someone is eating someone”

Mythody, 9 years old, “Crucifixion”

Bogdan, 11 years old, “Just a Head”, clay, 2018


Katya, 8 years old, “Mouse”

Mira, 6 years old, “Centaur”, clay, 2017

Polina, 12 years old, “Jaw”, clay, engobes, frosting 2017

Sonya, 4 years old, “Spider”

“Someone’s Bust”, clay, acrylic, 2018

Kira, 6 years old, “Thimble-Pig”

Emilia, 9 years old, “The head of some animal”

Petya, 7 years old, “Fried Eggs”

“Golden cat”

Ulyana, 6 years old, “Elephant”, clay, glaze, 2016

Katya, 6 years old, “Bull”

Nastya, 11 years old, “Bust of a Girl”

Maxim, 7 years old, “Maneki-neko”, clay, engobe, glaze, 2017

“Statue of Liberty”

Lesha, 7 years old, “Window”

Vika, 8 years old, “Dad”

Petya, 7 years old, “Tourist bus in Vietnam”

Kyrill, 7 years old, “St. Sebastian”

Nikita, 10 years old, “Vase-diplodocus”, clay, engobe, glaze, 2016

Milana, 8 years old, “Mask with a beard”

Radomir, 4 years old, “The mask of the fox”

Sonya, 7 years old, “Mom”

Yura, 6 years old, “Amur Tiger”, clay, glaze, 2016

Masha, 7 years old, “Pig”, clay, acrylic, 2016

Fedya, 6 years old, “Giraffe”, clay, 2016

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