Former Spetsnaz officer chose an unusual profession

37 year old Dmitry Bratchikov is a former captain of the Russian special forces. “In 2003, after graduating from a military school in Novosibirsk, I went to serve in Chechnya, ” Bratchikov says.

In Chechnya, Dmitry was clearing landmines and bombs, so that the military vehicles could safely move along the route. “We were under fire a couple of times, but no one was hurt then. It was a hot period back then. Sometimes we worked for 19 hours a day. But this was our first experience. We were young.”

After serving in Chechnya, he moved to Krasnodar and became the commander of a special forces unit.
All went well, but apparently military career was not his dream. In 2010, Dmitry decided to leave the military. He planned to become a marketer and entrepreneur.

But, soon he enrolled in manicure and pedicure class and, of course, he was the only man in the group.
It turns out, that Dmitry has a real talent. He takes his job very seriously and as a result, he has many satisfied customers.

However, the ex-captain admitted, that the beauty industry became a little boring for him. Now he is looking forward to begin studying practical psychology.


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