The US Capitol Hill siege in Russian memes

On January 5–6, 2021, supporters of U.S. President Donald Trump gathered in Washington, D.C., to protest against the result of the 2020 presidential election and support Trump’s demand for Vice President Mike Pence and Congress to reject President-elect Joe Biden’s victory. An armed and angry mob of Trump supporters stormed Capitol Hill and clashed with police as Congress convened to validate Joe Biden’s presidential win.

The incident was the first time the Capitol had been overrun since the 1814 burning of Washington by the British during the War of 1812.

This is how Russia’s social networks reacted to the storming of the Capitol Hill.



A “Russian trace” in organizing riots in the United States. In the video, supporters of the current US President Donald Trump storm the building of Congress in Washington. The phrases “Давай, быстрее!” and “Смелее! Смелее!” can be heard.

"Давай, быстрее!" и "Смелее! Смелее!" - На видео штурма Капитолия услышали русскую речь

This meme is referring to 1991 coup in Russia

Koliada or koleda (Cyrillic: коляда, коледа, колада, коледе) is an ancient pre-Christian Slavic and Baltic winter festival. It was later incorporated into Christmas. Merry Orthodox Christmas!

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