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  • The unexpected

    By now you have probably realized that the road system in Russia is not perfect and that not all road users obey the road rules. Some pedestrians do not do what you expect them to do. Just like this bizarre couple. More

  • When One Moment Changes Everything

    The drivers crawled under the truck to fix the problem. Suddenly, the truck started rolling down and almost run them over. Fortunately, nobody got hurt. More

  • Sneaky Driver

    Tired of waiting for the green light, this clever Russian driver decided to take action. More

  • Parking Vigilantes

    Russian parking vigilantes are using all possible means to get the message across on people’s illegally parked cars. More

  • RUSSIA ONE: Futuristic Trolley Car

    This futuristic-looking streetcar RUSSIA ONE has been presented in Russia. It’s equipped with GPS, GLONASS, HD cameras, Wi-Fi and air conditioning. Also it will play music from the iCloud. Taking into account the cold winter climate, flooring will be heated, so no ice crust will be formed. It also has the following features: easy replacement […] More

  • USSR’s Weirdest Concept Vehicles

    These Soviet vehicles look like they were created in a parallel universe. GAZ-A-Aero, designer Alexey Nikitin, 1934 Only one car was built. It’s current location is unknown. GAZ M-20 “Pobeda-Sport”, 1950 Sports car based on the production model GAZ-20 “Pobeda”. ZIS-112 with 350 cubic inch block, 1951 With the top speed of 204 kilometers per […] More

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