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  • “Your classmate’s wedding” Online Community

    “Your classmate’s wedding” is a comunity on Vkontakte. As the name suggests, it is dedicated to a celebration of the happiest day in life: wedding day. Subscribers send photos of their friends, relatives, or their own wedding. The reason behind it varies. Some one wants to mock a classmate, someone envies a neighbor, and someone […] More

  • Forever young

    The photo of young at heart babushkas was taken in the city of Perm. via More

  • Russians posting photographs of their work places

    Pikabu is a Russian social media and discussion website. Recently, Pikabu users started a movement, to post photographs from their work places. While some of the images show an average Joe jobs, many are quite interesting and give a glimpse into the daily life of Russians. No matter how big or small a job is, […] More

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    Life of Boris: The Rising Slav YouTube Superstar

    Youtube channel “Life of Boris” is rapidly gaining popularity. The person, who runs the channel keeps his identity in secrecy; it’s the part of his Slav image. He comes from a Slav country, but right now he lives and works as a programmer in Estonia. His YouTube channel got so much support from his followers, […] More

  • The Things Russians Pledge To Do If Leonardo DiCaprio Wins an Oskar

    Twitter user @wylsacom asked his followers: “What will you do if Leonardo DiCaprio won’t get an Oskar tonight?” He’s got an overwhelming response from the Russians. Some answered the question, while others rephrased it in favor of their beloved actor. Either way, these replies are rather entertaining. More

  • Karina – Russia’s Video Game Streaming Celebrity is the leading game streaming website. The main feature of the website is video game streaming. Recently, typical Russian girl Karina Sycheva, aka Sharishaxd gained huge popularity. She is from the city of Belgorod, and in a short period she became a celebrity of the Russian audience of She has more than 120K […] More

  • Alaska’s Old Believers

    Russian culture in this place was once again ignited by the Old Believers, who came here from South America. Their ancestors fled Russia over hundred years ago, however,  they still consider themselves Russians. Russian prominent travel blogger Alexander Belenkiy visited Nikolaevsk, Alaska and has documented how the Old Believers live. More

  • The Tuva ethnic group: a secret culture behind Siberian forests

    While most people focus on progress and innovation in there lives, some are still living on the same principles as they did thousands of years ago. This is the case of the Tuva group, which is a Turkic ethnic population of small dimensions who live today in the southern part of Siberia. Apart from their […] More

  • 70-year-old Siberian who lives in wilderness, brought to civilization

    In a world where information travels from one person to another in a matter of seconds, it’s hard to imagine how a European citizen would not be aware of WWII – especially if they were born in 1944. This is the case of Agafia Lykova, a 70-year-old Russian woman who was born and raised in […] More

  • Wacky Wedding Photos

    Russia’s largest social network VKontakte, has a community called “True Russian Wedding” with 40K subscribers. They share funny and amusing wedding photos and rate them. The administration of the community kindly reminds to keep a wedding photographer well paid. Otherwise, you might end up with the wedding pictures like these. More

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