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  • The Mystery of Ksenia Sobchak’s Presidential Campaign Website

    “Putin mentor’s daughter Ksenia Sobchak to run for president. Socialite says she is standing as a protest candidate but analysts suspect it is a Kremlin-backed move to split opposition. Analysts said her candidacy looked like a Kremlin-backed “spoiler” campaign to boost the legitimacy of the elections and split the liberal opposition. Alexei Navalny, the country’s […] More

  • The City of Perm: Hiding Buildings in Repair State Behind Huge Canvas That Depicts China

    In Russia, its a common practice to hide building in poor state or repair behind a huge canvases, when a higher officials are about to visit a certain province. On September 6th, the Russian president was scheduled to attend the meeting of the State Council in Perm. So, business park “Morion” installed a banner for […] More

  • Walking Trump on a leash

    Your WTF Russian YouTube video of the day: a former mayor of Arkhangelsk walking “Trump” on a leash in Saint Petersburg. The former mayor explained his shocking political action: “All who are not our allies must be humiliated and embarrassed. Despite the hopes placed on him, Donald Trump failed to realize his election promises and […] More

  • Anti-Putin Protests Met by Riot Police, Soviet Troops and Medieval Warriors

    On June 12, 2017, simultaneously in many cities across the country, protests against alleged corruption in the Russian federal government took place. The surreal images came from Moscow Tverskaya Street, where Moscow was planning a historical reenactment festival, however, Navalny has moved his protest over there. 150k people were expected. Navalny was warned by the […] More

  • Masha and the Bear Cartoon as a Propaganda Tool

    The Baltic states got so wrapped up in paranoia, that they see an enemy even in a children’s cartoon. The Russian cartoon “Masha and the Bear” is translated into over 30 languages. And it is one of the most popular cartoon series in the world. Yet, Estonians sought a hidden agenda in it and tried […] More

  • Hot Tours to Donbass

    The war in the South-East Ukraine is not over yet. But, the “Young Donetsk Republic” has started to develop its tourism and offers seriously hot tours. Russian blogger Alexandr Belenky came across an ad. The bus tour starts in Rostov-on-Don and lasts three days. Travelers will be able to see the Donbass Arena, Donetsk Airport […] More

  • Video Blogger Addresses Russian Parliament

    The Russian video blogger Alexandra Balkovskaya, also known as Sasha Spielberg, appeared in the State Duma. The girl was invited by Deputy Sergei Neverov, at the parliamentary hearings “On the Youth Policy of Russia.” The 19 year old blogger, who is known for bathing in potato chips, gave advice on working with social networks, speculated […] More

  • Russia’s UN deputy’s speech becomes inspiration for the meme

    On April 12, Russia blocked U.N. Security Council condemnation of Syria attack. Russia opposed the document and eventually vetoed the resolution. At a meeting of the UN security council, the UK’s ambassador Matthew Rycroft, questioned Russia’s credibility and reputation, since Russia is siding with Syrian president Bashar al-Assad. Russia’s deputy ambassador to the UN Vladimir […] More

  • When it comes to politics in Russia, even plants are skeptical

    During an interview, politician Mikhail Shevelev was reassuring the public, that all the candidates for the position of governor of Kirov region are worthy people. However, even his own office plant couldn’t take his tale. via More

  • Swept Under The Banner: Crumbling House Makeover Russian Style

    Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk city was preparing for the visit of a plenipotentiary of the president of Russia. The main reason of the visit and subject of discussion, supposed to be issues of deteriorating housing. Creative city officials decided to sugarcoat the issue and covered facades of old houses, with the banner with the image of beautiful buildings. […] More

  • Taste the Power of Putin

    Patriotic t-shirts, mugs, even calendars, with Putin’s image, have been around for a while in Russia. But, Yekaterinburg candy brand “Splitting image” took it to another level, when introduced a lollipop shaped as Putin’s head. It is a part of their line “Taste the power” and the line also includes “heads” of Obama and Queen […] More

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