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  • Cities across Russia lighted up by Northern Lights

    Stargazers across Russia were captivated by the spectacular show of multicolored lights shimmering across the night skies last night. Known as Northern Lights, or auroras borealis, is not an unusual occurrence in Russia, however this time social media has been flooded with photos and videos of bright colored skies across Russia. More

  • How Russian TV gradually brainwashes people with weather forecasts

    Russia 24 news channel aired the story about the weather in Syria. According to the leading weather forecast service, Russia has chosen a successful – in terms of weather conditions – time to start bombing. The forecaster noted that in October, the wind speed is low, the rains come only once in every ten days, […] More

  • Snowy Summer in the City of Vorkuta

    While many of us were enjoying sunny summer, residents of Vorkuta were making snowmen last weekend. On Sunday, July 5, the snow fell in the city. Vorkuta is located in the north of Komi Republic in the permafrost zone. It is the third largest city in the Arctic Circle. With the average July temperature about […] More

  • Sightings of Northern Lights Above Central Russia

    Typical to Russia’s North, Aurora Borealis was spotted above several central regions of Russia on March 17th, 2015. Residents of Tver, Perm, Vologda, Saint Petersburg and Moscow regions got a chance to enjoy Northern Lights. Unusual geomagnetic activity is in part responsible for uncommon show in these parts of Russia. Geomagnetic activity is still high, […] More

  • Winter in Krasnodar

    Residents of Yeisk, Krasnodar Krai have to change their daily routine because of the heavy snowfalls. More