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  • Karina – Russia’s Video Game Streaming Celebrity is the leading game streaming website. The main feature of the website is video game streaming. Recently, typical Russian girl Karina Sycheva, aka Sharishaxd gained huge popularity. She is from the city of Belgorod, and in a short period she became a celebrity of the Russian audience of She has more than 120K […] More

  • Elena ‘Meg’ Urusova, the girl who redefines the geek stereotype

    Meet the pro gamer Elena ‘Meg’ Urusova (Елена Урусова). She has started playing video games back in 1999. 10 years later, the young woman has won the Counter-Strike female tournaments both in Russia and around the the world. Besides being good in the video games, she’s got the looks too. Back in 2012, she won […] More