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  • Orthodox Space Program

    In his works, CG artist Vladimir Malakhovskiy combined such contrasting concepts as the space exploration and the Orthodox Church. More

  • Illustrated Stories by Max Degtyarev

    Based in Moscow, designer and illustrator Max Degtyarev creates amazing works in his spare time. One of his illustrations, called “One Day of a Bench” recently was made into a gif image and went viral. More

  • USSR-styled Global Brands Designed by Mikhail Levchenko

    What if global brands were designed in the USSR? St Petersburg based illustrator Mike Levchenko is a professional letterer and calligrapher. Recently, he created a project, that went viral. It is a series of illustrations, that depict the Soviet version of worldwide known brand logos. You can visit his website, VK and Behance for more […] More

  • Digital Artworks by Dmitry Bogolyubov

    Dmitry Bogolyubov is a self-taught artist and digital matte painting illustrator from Ekaterinburg. His main sources of inspiration are the space and Russia. According to him, cosmos fascinates and frightens him at the same time. To him, the space seems cold and incredibly beautiful. Well, the same can be said about Russia as well. In […] More

  • Controversial Illustrations By Waldemar Kazak

    His provocative works are full of hidden messages. Many see them as outrageous and shocking. Waldemar considers his illustrations as satirical cartoons. Waldemar Kozak is a contemporary Russian artist, who was born in Tver in 1973. In 1995 he graduated from the Tver Art College with a degree in graphic design. A year after graduating […] More

  • Creepy Digital Artwork by Anton Semenov

    Anton Semenov, aka “Gloom82“, is a digital artist from Russia whose works feature unique interpretations of the subconscious world. He creates surreal characters and scenes with extreme attention to details. I’m trying to look at usual stuff from different angles, to use it as a base for my works. The world around us is full […] More

  • Soviet Woman from 2061: Sci-Fi Art Contest

    Thirty years ago, Soviet television miniseries Guest from the Future, based on science fiction novel by Kir Bulychov, was aired on TV. The series starred Natalya Guseva as Alisa Selezneva, a girl from the future that travels to the present. Many Soviet schoolboys fell in love with her, and sent bags of letters to her. […] More

  • Post Apocalyptic Art by Vladimir Manyukhin

    Many people are wondering when the world will end and how the world might change afterwards. Moscow based illustrator Vladimir Manyukhin is one of them. His day job is illustrations of games, books and movies. However he devotes a lot of his time to the post-apocalyptic subject. According to Vladimir, he wanted to try his […] More

  • Creative Digital Illustrations by Aleksey Baydakov

    Moscow based digital artist Aleksey Baydakov creates stunning character illustrations in cartoon caricature style. He collaborates with illustration agencies in Russia and worldwide. Visit his web page, and for more works. More

  • The Master and Margarita: Photo Illustrations by Elena Martynyuk

    Photographer Elena Martynyuk has made an impressive series of photographs about The Master and Margarita in collaboration with the Bulgakov House in Moscow. The photos have been made at the locations described in the novel, like the roof of the Pashkov House and, of course, at the Bulgakov House on Sadovaya 302-bis. The scenes of […] More

  • Post-apocalyptic art by Yuri Shwedoff

    Moscow-based artist, photographer, movie maker and illustrator Yuri Shwedoff creates amazing post-apocalyptic illustrations. His works were nominated for the Russian Academy of Art award. Follow him in Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram. More

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