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  • What if Matrix was filmed in Russia

    Series of digitally enhanced photographs, that illustrate Matrix in Russian reality, are floating around the internet. Of course, the series would not be complete without babushkas, policemen and Vladimir Putin. More

  • St. Petersburg’s Orthodox Cossacks Prepared Personal “Oscar” for DiCaprio

    Representatives of the St. Petersburg society “Orthodox Union of Cossacks” prepared a personal “Oscar” for the Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio. In case if the actor doesn’t get the official award, DiCaprio will receive the award from the Cossacks. According to the Cossack society, the talented actor has long been worthy of receiving the Oscar Statuette. […] More

  • Dersu Uzala

    There are few of us who know that behind this historical name, “Dersu Uzala” is hiding an captivating story. Dersu Uzala, was actually the guide of the Russian explorer Vladimir Arsenyev, which immortalized him in the book with the same name, in 1923. Later on, that character didn’t know that would become the subject of […] More

  • Madventure Time trailer

    Inspired by Ryan May’s mashup concept art, Moscow based digital designer Egor Zhgun created the humorous Mad Max/Adventure Time mash-up trailer. Also, here are some neato gifs. More

  • Pindos: The Short Film by Alla Eliseeva

    For the uninformed, the word Pindos was introduced in the 19th century as a sobriquet for Greeks inhabiting the Black Sea region. Much later, Russian military personnel operating in Kosovo used it as a derogatory term to refer to the U.S. soldiers stationed there. As of today, pindos is simply a derogatory name for an […] More

  • Bears of Kamchatka, the Movie

    Located at the southern tip of Kamchatka Peninsula, Kurile Lake is often called the bear paradise. Soon, Russian film crew under the leadership of Dmitry Shpilenok will travel there to shoot a documentary about the curious life of bear families. The crew plans to spend one year filming the animals. This will allow to reveal […] More

  • Teriberka: Leviathan filming location

    Leviathan, a 2014 Russian drama film, won the Best Foreign Language Film award at the 72nd Golden Globe Awards. Also, it is nominated for Oscar 2015. Film director Andrey Zvyagintsev portrayed the reality of the Russian provincial life in the way, that many Russians didn’t like the movie and accused the director of Russophobia. The […] More

  • And the Oscar goes to…

    This movie has three epic moments: 1. Black spot on the left side. 2. While being dragged, the corpse is holding onto his pants to safe himself from the embarrassment. 3. Why the hell did they put the fence over the corpse? More